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Dual Training


The Dual Training Education System is based on the complementarity principle of learning in an academic degree and training in a professional environment in a company. The student becomes the apprentice studying. It is a form of training that takes place alternately between the university and the company.

Participating Companies



The modality of Half-day Contract is foreseen, which allows the company to temporarily occupy people with a university degree without experience in the employment for which they have been trained.


The contract contemplates that a part of the day is carried out in the company and another part is devoted to the academic training of the degree, as established in the training plan defined individually by the company for each student.

During the school periods, the student will combine their training between the development of tasks in the company (4 hours per day) and the follow-up of the studies (4 hours per day). This proportion can be modified during the last semester of the studies, as established by the Training Plan that will be prepared for each student.


Students who have passed all the subjects of the first year of the Degree may opt from the second year to the dual training mode. It is expected that a student perform dual training from October 2017 to June 2020. This period may vary depending on each particular situation.

Recognition subjects

Each one of the companies must choose the subjects that will cover the formative activities carried out in the company. The subjects chosen by the company (approximately 25 % of the credits of the Degree) are evaluated, by both the company and University tutors, directly on the basis of the activities realized in the company.